Why I believe God Wants us to be Happy

August 22, 2016

          This is my first blog post, and while religion will not be my blog’s main topic, I decided to use it as my primary focus for my first entry. Why? Because I believe in God. I truly believe with all my heart that he exists and he cares about me. The knowledge of an almighty being who cares about people individually may seem crazy to some people, and that’s ok. I’m not here to push my religion on you. However, I personally believe there is a higher power, who created you and I in his image. As amazing and crazy and unbelievable as it may sound, this higher power actually cares about us! It is important for me to write this in my first post because I want you to understand where the basis of my belief system lies, and why I think happiness is so important.

              I look at the world around me and I see a lot of beauty. I see tall, lush mountains, picturesque beaches, brilliant red canyons, long sandy deserts, grassy fields, and colorful valleys. I see the sun casting its light on the world in the day and thousands of stars kissing the sky in the night. Just looking at them, I feel the presence of God. Beyond the breathtaking beauty of the earth, I see millions of people wandering along its landscape, hoping to find happiness along the way. Some people have found ways to relish in the joy of life, while others are longing to feel anything other than despair. Then there are many in between who don’t quite know how to feel in this confusing world.

              This is where God comes in. He knows all of our thoughts, desires, dreams, and despairs. Yes, he created us and yes, he cares about us. Somehow he knows about our deepest secrets and understands exactly what we need. Each of us may be just one person among the billions living on the earth, but he knows us and our potential even better than we know ourselves. Not only does he know how to comfort and encourage us, he also has a plan for us. He has created us with a divine potential. He gives each of us specific talents we can learn to use to find happiness and bless others’ lives.

We can accomplish greatness. We can find happiness in life. Everybody’s path may be different. Each road will be filled with heart wrenching trials, but also with encouraging victories. But, that is how life is meant to be because if there were no hardship, we would never be able to understand the magnitude of true happiness.

The thing that always keeps me moving along is my faith in God. Sometimes when I feel I can’t carry myself, I know he is carrying me on his back, encouraging me, loving me, and reminding me that everything will be ok. He reminds me of my potential and helps me understand even through hardship that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He reminds me I am meant to be happy. And SO ARE YOU. Don’t tell yourself you don’t deserve happiness because it simply is NOT true.  Just think about it! Do you really think you were born to be miserable?! NO WAY! I refuse to believe that. 

 We are meant to have a HAPPY life. We can find happiness in our present situation.  We can enjoy as much of life as we choose to, and God has helped me understand that. If you don’t believe in him, that is okay, but he is my rock. He has helped me understand we are not meant to be sad. Because of this, I am on a mission to make each day great, to look at the positive and overcome the negative, and to choose to love my life. I hope this blog can be a source of comfort and encouragement to you as we all work together to build a happy life. See ya next post!

-       Holly B