10 Painfully Worth- It Life Organizing Tips

Hey Guys! Is it just me or did the new year make you want to clean up and organize EVERYTHING in your life?! As I said in my last post, I have a huge goal this year to choose to be happy, and I think a great way to clear your mind and refocus is to be organized! There’s something about being organized that just makes me feel so good and empowered!

“Organization isn’t about perfection… “ (Thank goodness right?!) “It’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life”.
— Christina Scalese

I love the quote above!! We don’t have to be perfect at everything and be totally 100% clean, but we can take steps to organize the various aspects of our lives to IMPROVE OUR OVERALL QUALITY OF LIFE.

I want to feel more efficient, clean, and peaceful. Don’t you?! Luckily, I have researched some great tips and tricks and am ready to share these ideas with you so we can all be more organized this year. This will lead to peace of mind, success, and happiness in the new year! Yippee!

1.       Make a to-do list

a.       Making to-do lists allows you to have a visual image of what you need to get done each day, so the thoughts aren’t all randomly floating around in your head, clogging everything up. Prioritize your to-do list from most- least important so you can get the big things done first!! That way you won’t have so much pressure and stress sitting on your shoulders and you can feel awesome! I like to make lists on my Iphone and then delete things from my list when I’m done, so I don’t even have to see the tasks anymore! Out of sight, out of mind!

2.       Don’t Over-schedule

a.       Leave yourself time in between all your various tasks just in case something unexpected happens. The awesome thing about this is, if nothing unexpected happens, you have time to put your feet up or read a book somewhere besides the toilet! Learning to say no to too many tasks can be the best thing you ever did for your mind and body! (It might make your sessions in the lou a little shorter though… sigh)

3.       Write things down

a.       As soon as you find out about something you need to do or an event you need to attend, write it down quickly so you don’t forget! Mommies like me probably like going, “Hey Siri, remind me on Tuesday to go buy ice cream and devour it happily” What would Tuesday be like without such a reminder?!

4.       Set goals and Stick to them

a.       Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals. Following these guidelines will make your goals a real possibility and your accomplishments will make you feel super empowered and organized. Doesn’t it feel so awesome to get something checked off the list?! For more info on this, Check out “5 Key Ways to Turn Your Goals into Reality"

5.       Minimize Distractions

a.       Stop wasting time! Oh man, this one is so hard for me! I always want to just reach for my phone and gaze into the eyes of Facebook or Instagram for a while. But you know, I never feel super awesome afterwards. I feel the most productive and organized when I am doing something worthwhile. So, put away the phone, TV, computer, and Ipad and get to work!

6.       Don’t Procrastinate

a.       This one really is also hard for me. I always thought if my teacher gave me my whole entire life to complete an assignment, I wouldn’t do it until the day before I died. That sure would be a boring way to spend my last days on Earth, huh? If you write stuff down before hand  (#2) and stick to scheduled goals (#4), you can have wayyyy less stress completing projects and have a better outcome in the end too! I mean, you might even enjoy the project since you didn’t have to stay up all night researching mitochondria and cramming all the info into your brain.  This is why baby steps are so important. Little bits of work over time make a big project seem easy, manageable, and fun.

7.       Prepare meals ahead of time

a.       Spend 1-2 days a week making a meal plan, making a shopping list (#1), going to the store, cutting veggies and putting meals together before hand, so you don’t even have to think about it the rest of the week! You can also make your lunch for the next day before you go to bed, so you aren’t so rushed in the morning and are sure to have a healthy meal at work or school. Check out these 10 quick freezer meal ideas from Pretty Providence or these Meal Planning Tips for Moms from Over The Big Moon!

8.       Get rid of all your CR@P!

a.       Every week, choose a new room, closet, or cabinet to go through and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year. Don’t be like me and say, “Oh! But I wore that coat to that party 5 years ago and I looked so cute! I’m sure I’ll wear it again soon!” NO! Be strong. Say good-bye to crap and move on. I love these tips from Amanda Katherine, who says,

  •  If you haven’t used it in the last year, you probably won’t use it the next year
  •  If it’s broken and you still haven’t fixed it, you probably never will
  •  If you once loved it, but it no longer has a use (old gaming system, old phone…) Get rid of it.

9.       If you get something out, put it back

a.       Keep your house clean and fresh by putting things away RIGHT when you are done with them. This makes it so you can avoid a 3 hour clean up every other day, and feel happier in your home.

10.   Find a place for your Stuff

Cute pantry organization from Landeelu

Cute pantry organization from Landeelu

a.       Try to find a place for all your stuff and keep it in the right place. This helps you keep track of where everything is and not spend hours looking for your wallet, keys, or phone. You can even make your labeled drawers and boxes look cute! I love this pretty and budget friendly list by Landeelu! Also, check out these 80 ideas from Rashelle at The Order Expert!

I’m excited to follow these ideas a little better this year to simplify my life. I believe being more organized will help me be more efficient so I can accomplish more tasks every day. I will feel more successful, productive, clean and happy. I hope you can implement some of these ideas too! Happy organizing!

See you next post,

Holly B.