A Little Pick Me Up for all the Moms out There

Dear moms,

First off, You are doing great! If you are struggling with all the hardships and naysayers and sacrifices that come with being a mom, remember that you are AMAZING. Remember you are not alone. Remember your work is and always will be worth it. Remember what you are really doing. You are using your talents in the best way possible to love and raise a child- and not just any child- YOUR child.  You are doing a work far more important and rewarding than going to parties every night and sleeping in every morning because you are helping raise a little person who LOVES you, and teaching them to make a difference in the world one step at a time.  

Please remember how special you are and even though you don’t think so, you are doing GREAT. Don’t get caught up in being the “perfect mom”. Don’t stress over getting dinner done every night and putting the laundry away every morning. Just take a moment to look around, breathe in the beauty of your little family, no matter how crazy they are, and be happy. Say to yourself, “motherhood is the best”, and then get back to cleaning the mud off your kiddos, the boogers off the baby’s face, and ENJOY today.

-Holly B