29 Easy Activities and Traditions to Bring Your Family Closer Together

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My first married Halloween planning conversation went like this – “Zach, what do you want to dress up as for the church Halloween party?”

Z- “I don’t know.. I don’t really want to dress up.”

H (astounded) - “What?! Why?”

Z- “Because I’m always the guy at the party who waits until last minute to plan a costume and then I look really dumb”

H- “Okay well what if I plan us a super awesome costume this year?”

Z- “Okay,” he says skeptically, “IF you plan us a really awesome costume this year, I will dress up and go to the church party with you.”

H- “Yippee!” (Evil Witch cackle) (Just kidding)

That conversation came and went, we spent a few hours planning, cutting, spray painting, and duct taping, got all dressed up, went to the Halloween Church function and won an award for the best costume! What did we dress up as you may ask?! The Jamaican Bobsled team from Zach’s favorite movie, “Cool Runnings”. Not only did we win a prize, but both of us really enjoyed the whole experience together. Now, we make it a tradition to make and plan a fun costume together every year. Our second Halloween, I was pregnant, so we dressed up as an oven and cook. (Get it?! cuz I was cooking a baby. Hehe we’re so clever.) THIS year was my favorite ever, though, because we had a baby to steal the show… I’m not even really sure the costume needs explaining, but here’s Little Red, Granny, and the Lumberjack. (If viewing on a phone, scroll through the three photos below by clicking on the left or right of the pictures)

"My Granny, What chunky thighs you have!" Gah! Isn't she just he cutest?!! Anyways, Halloween has been fun for us because we have become INTENTIONAL about planning our costumes and activities. We have chosen to be an INTENTIONAL FAMILY.

This means we purposefully plan traditions, dates, experiences, and regular activities to strengthen our family ties.

The book, The Intentional Family, explains WHY this is so important-

“Today’s family is in crisis. Many diverse factors have combined to weaken its structure in American society: the conflicting needs and schedules of dual working parents; the ongoing fragmentation of our civic, cultural, and religious communities; the prevalence of divorce and remarriage; the advent of technological distractions like video games and computers. What was once a strong, cohesive unit has become, in many cases, no more than a loose grouping of individuals with individual timetables and agendas. However, now more than ever before, we have the freedom to shape the kind of family we want, rather than an obligation to conform to inflexible concepts of what a family should be.”
— William J. Doherty

In a society where families are having less and less time together, it is so important to do our best to INTENTIONALLY make time for each other and do things that will bring us closer together.

The benefits of spending more time together are real and eminent as you learn more about each other and make memories together. A great way to spend time with each other is through FAMILY RITUALS. A ritual is a regular, recurring action or activity that is scheduled and set apart as a time families and couples can look forward to being together. On that note, here are some easy family ritual ideas!

There are so many opportunities to make family time fun and worthwhile. The memories made with family have life-long impacts and can stay with a person forever. I have decided to be intentional about growing closer to my family each day! What are some of your traditions and rituals? Let me know in the comments below! 

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