34 Weekly Date Ideas for Couples- Coming from a Happily Married Mommy

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 This week, my husband and I had a LOT going on. Between his night classes, work, getting new carpet (YAY!), taking care of the baby, cleaning the house, and various social activities, we were POOPED! For the most part, we were very supportive of each other and everything was great, but there were also a couple times where we let our tiredness get the best of us and took it out on each other. Luckily, we were able to take a step back, remind each other we love each other, and kiss, make up, and move on. We decided not to let the negative energy stay for very long.

              Being busy is so common nowadays, and it can really take its toll on relationships. That’s why I was so glad to get a great piece of advice from a church leader this week, a piece of advice I have heard many times and am always glad to be reminded of each time I hear it.

To all couples out there, GO ON A WEEKLY DATE.

Going on a date every week is the best way a couple can reconnect with each other. Put away the phones, the distractions, the stress and worry of the week, and take time to talk with each other! Show each other why you love each other and remind each other how important your relationship is to each other! Dates are just the best! Feeling loved and connected is the best feeling in the world. Having love in the home is the best thing parents can do for their families.  

              A date doesn’t have to be expensive, long, or even away from the home. All it needs to be is a specific time set aside that you can look forward to each week just to be with each other! If you have kids, do your absolute best to make this a child-free, parent only time to be together and reconnect. You can do this by having an at home date night once the kiddos are in bed, swapping child care with friends and family, asking for volunteer help, or paying for a babysitter.

              Zach and I have gone on some really fun dates since being married and since Lexi has been born- some were big and long, and others were short and sweet, but all of them have been a great chance for us to reconnect and grow closer together as a couple because we choose to make our marriage a priority.

              Some things we have done are:

1.       Go out for an hour to grab an ice cream cone

2.       Take a scenic drive

3.       Take a ride in a friend’s convertible and spend the day at The Olympic Sports Park in Park City, Utah

4.       Go visit each other for lunch  

5.       Go out to dinner at a new place

6.       Play cards or checkers after the baby is in bed

7.       Have an at home spa/massage night

8.       Go to the movies or rent a movie and cuddle

9.       Cook a fancy meal together- We used "Gourmet Cooking For Two" for our anniversary meal and LOVED IT.  We made Chicken Cordon Bleu and cream cheese wontons. Yummmmm. (Click the Pic if you wanna see it on Amazon- only $8.99 on Kindle!!)

10.   Set up a tent in the living room, play games, and roast marshmallows over the stove for an indoor camping experience

11.   Go to a local play

12.   Go play Frisbee golf

13.   Go Miniature golfing

14.   Go Bowling

15.   Go to a trampoline park

16.   Go drive go- karts

17.   Play Mario Cart, Just Dance, or Guitar Hero on the Wii or Xbox

18.   Play bocce ball

19.   Go for a walk

20.   Go for a motorcycle or moped ride

21.   Rent jet skis

22.   Go skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling

23.   Ride four wheelers

24.   Play laser tag

25.   Go on a zip line

26.   Go on a horseback ride

27.   Make a craft together, such as Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, pumpkin carvings, kites, home decorations, picture frames, scrapbooks,Vision Boards, etc. 

28.   Go on a local hike

29.   Make a music video

30.   Go for a run or work out together

31.   Climb trees

32.   Swing in a hammock together and watch the sunset

33.   Make some treats and deliver them to friends

34.   Do something nice for someone

35. BONUS: Read a book together or listen to an audiobook. This is super romantic and can be a NIGHTLY date! Win win! (PS with audible you can download 2 FREE audiobooks right now!!! I love being able to listen to audiobooks with my hubby! Check this offer out below)

Anyways, you get the point! There are so many fun ways to reconnect as a couple. They can be expensive or cheap, adventurous or relaxed, long or short, new and exciting or simple and repeated, at home or away. The point is, you can have a great date with your best friend. Try your best to do it every week!!! It will be fun!

Alrighty, see ya next post!!

-          Holly B.